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Heavy machinery transport can be challenging unless it is carried out by professionals like the crew at Select Tilt Tray Group. We have specialised in machinery transport in Sydney for over 20 years.

The team at Select Tilt Tray Group are readily available to use their muscle and get your heavy machinery transported anywhere it needs to be in Sydney, hassle-free.

All heavy machinery we tow

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At Select Tilt Tray Group, our crew members are highly trained and experienced, so your heavy machinery will always be transported and delivered around Sydney promptly and securely. The towing and transport vehicles we utilise are durable, safe, and ready for heavy-duty use.

The composition of our fleet caters to the relocation of a broad range of vehicle types – no matter what shape or size. Our fleet of 20 tow trucks consists of new and powerful engines that are capable of moving and transporting machines up to 24 tonnes, as well as super tilt trailers and low loader trailers that are suited to bigger jobs.

Select Tilt Tray Group also offer backloading for trucks that are travelling empty on their return trips from country NSW areas, which can save you up to 50% off our normal towing and transport costs. This service is offered in situations where an empty return truck is travelling in your direction (and our drivers don’t need to detour too far from their course).

For a prompt and affordable heavy machinery transport and towing service that you can trust, call Select Tilt Tray Group today on 02 9545 3464.

Why Select Tilt Tray Towing?

24/7  Emergency towing

We know that breakdowns don’t only happen on weekdays during working hours. This is why our crew are available 7 days a week, and we offer 24 hour emergency towing to and from a range of Sydney suburbs, including Parramatta, Newtown, Maroubra, Bondi, Brighton-Le-sands, Castle Hill, Sutherland, Ryde, Kings Cross and Homebush.

On time

Select Tilt Tray Group will always ensure that your vehicle arrives at your authorised mechanic or insurance depot on time so that there are no delays when it comes to getting your car repaired or initiating your insurance claim.

Fully insured

We take our duty of care seriously and will always strictly adhere to legal and safety regulations when towing or relocating your car.

Should anything go wrong, there is no need to worry as we are a fully insured tow truck company and have comprehensive insurance cover for everything we transport.

Reasonable rates

We offer reasonable rates and accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, cash or EFT – either at the time of your job booking or upon pick up or delivery. There are no surcharge fees for credit card payments.

So if you are looking for a hassle-free Sydney towing service, don’t delay – call Select Tilt Tray Group today on 02 9545 3464.

Booking a heavy machinery tow is simple

Call towing

1. Call us on 9545 3464

Towing Schedule

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Based on 28 reviews
Ryan Shou
Ryan Shou
Had a great experience with Select Tilt Tray Group. Iain helped transport my forklift from Castle Hill to Seven Hills efficiently and safely. Impressed with the service and will definitely use them again. Highly recommend!
Barb Lomas
Barb Lomas
If you need this service you can’t go past Select Tilt Tray group. Excellent service and the friendliest guy. 5 stars isn’t enough
Alex Stephen
Alex Stephen
Professional, courteous and efficient. Best towing company I have worked with, I have zero hesitation recommending this business.
Rebecca Eland
Rebecca Eland
Many thanks to Claude and Jenny for transporting our shipping container and making sure it was positioned where we wanted it, so so happy. Seriously good service! Great price too!
Pierre Filliez
Pierre Filliez
Today, Rick delivered, with his tilt truck, an old caravan that we bought. He was very careful, and the van arrived perfectly well at our place. I am very pleased to share this review with everyone as we are very happy with ‘Select Tilt Tray Group’. The team is super friendly, the offer was fair and they were also very quick to do the delivery. Communication with them was super easy, phone calls and emails etc. We are very happy.
These guys are legends (especially Swampy). I called them last minute to move a vintage coffee caravan and they fitted the job in ASAP at a great rate. Swampy went above and beyond in helping me get it into its new location.
Christopher Andersson
Christopher Andersson
Great communication 👍


Our insurances include Full On Hook Insurance, Workers Compensation and Public Liability Insurance.

After-hours is after 6pm and before 6am, and from midday on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

No, however we can take credit/debit card payments over the phone.

We will despatch trucks as soon as possible and can normally pick you up within the hour.

All drivers are trained in load restraint and understand Chain of Responsibility.

We can transport heavy vehicles such as small trucks and tippers. We do not tow them – all are transported which prevents extra damage from occurring. We don’t have to remove bullbars, bumpers, tailshafts or axles so it also saves time.

We can transport 20ft containers if they are empty or have a little bit of gear in them. We always look at the safety aspect of pulling a dead weight onto our trucks; if a cable was to snap our drivers could be injured so we do not transport containers if we deem them to be too heavy for a tilt tray to winch onto the truck in a safe manner.

If the backload is directly on our return trip without us having to detour too far from our course, you could save up to 50% on normal prices. Our theory is that we make a little more on a truck that is running empty on a trip we have to do anyway and you save a considerable amount off the normal price making us both winners.

We often have trucks travelling empty on their return trips from country NSW areas. We list these trucks on the dates they are travelling with a rough time that they will be returning. If a truck is heading on a route that will suit you, contact us quickly so we can organise the load. Many times we have had trucks just return from an area only to have another customer ring with a load back from that same area, hence our backloading section. If it saves you some money and makes us a little more, we both win.

No, we do not charge a surcharge fee. All we charge your card for is the fee quoted for your towing job.

We take Visa or Mastercard as well as cash, cheque or EFT payments at the time of booking the job, or at pickup or delivery.

Yes, we have a couple of company owned trucks, but the majority of our drivers are owner operators and drive their own trucks.

Sometimes we do, obviously we cannot take on everybody, keep an eye on our website for positions vacant or trucks for sale. Sometimes our subcontract drivers will need to leave our group for various reasons and they will sell their trucks with work so that the truck remains in the group.

The maximum carrying capacity is 24 tons, or the weight of four elephants. At STTG, we have a Scania 480hp prime mover with a triaxle trailer and ramps, as well as a Freightliner 450hp prime mover with a low loader trailer which are both capable of carrying machinery transport up to 24 tons.

Check out the rest of our fleet for the ideal tow truck for you.

Save on heavy machinery transport in Sydney with STTG’s backloading service. Our backloading service is available for all customers and what that means is that should your load be on the route of one of our return trips, we can pick it up. To help our customers save up to 50% off without compromise, we offer this service for all types of vehicles that we tow and even for interstate towing.

Save up to 50% off by contacting us today, helping us save time while we help you save money, making us both winners in the end.

All different types of heavy machinery transport is available. From forklifts to cranes and everything in between, our tow trucks can carry various kinds of machinery.

We are specialists in this form of towing, so you can expect a hassle-free service anytime you call upon any of our experienced team members.

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