Nobody wants their family holiday to end abruptly just because their caravan has suddenly broken down or needs to be repaired. Select Tilt Tray Group have over 20 years’ experience offering a range of towing services throughout the Sydney region, including caravan towing.


Can any truck transport caravans?

Caravan towing is a specialised operation, which should only be carried out by towing companies with the right trucks and equipment to move heavier vehicles. Select Tilt Tray Group have trucks within our fleet that are equipped with electric brake controllers for caravans. This means we can tow cars with caravans, as well as cars and boat trailers simultaneously.

Our customers can conveniently travel in our trucks while their vehicle is being towed, as we can accommodate up to 2 passengers in the cabin of our trucks.

Where can I take my caravan if I need to store it somewhere?

Select Tilt offer a secure vehicle storage service for your car and caravan at our warehouse in Kirrawee, should this be required.

How can I get my caravan home from outside of Sydney?

Select Tilt Tray Group are always happy to go the extra mile for our customers and we offer a backloading service for trucks that are travelling empty on their return trips from regional NSW areas. We offer this service in situations where an empty return truck is travelling in your direction (and our drivers don’t need to detour too far from their course). By taking advantage of our backloading system, you can save up to 50% off our normal caravan towing and transport costs.

24/7 Emergency towing

We know that breakdowns don’t only happen on weekdays during working hours, so our tow trucks are available 7 days a week, and we offer a 24-hour emergency towing.

Fully insured

Should anything go wrong – there is no need to worry. Select Tilt Tray Group are a fully insured towing and transportation business with comprehensive cover for everything we tow, for your peace of mind.

Reasonable rates

Our service fees are reasonable, and we accept payment by credit card, cash or EFT, either at the time of your job booking or upon pick up or delivery.

Next time your caravan breaks down during your family getaway call Select Tilt Tray Group on 02 9545 3464.

Booking a caravan tow is simple

1. Get in touch

Let us know the details of what, where and when you need our towing services.

2. Your towing is scheduled

A member of our team will contact you to arrange your towing service.

3. Pick up and delivery

Our tow truck driver will pick up and drop off your caravan exactly where you need it to be.


Yes, some of the tow trucks in our fleet are equipped for caravan towing with electric brake controllers so it’s not a problem to transport both vehicles together.

Yes, we have full insurance cover for everything we transport – including for caravan towing.

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