Tilt Tray FAQs

Yes, we can transport small trucks and tippers. We do not tow them, all are transported which saves on extra damage occurring. We don’t have to remove bullbars, bumpers, tailshafts or axles so it also saves time. Maximum height of your truck should be no more than 3m including exhaust stacks, and no longer than 8.5m from bumper to rear of the truck.

If the backload is directly on our return trip without us having to detour too far from our course, you could save up to 50% on normal prices. Our theory is that we make a little more on a truck that is running empty on a trip we have to do anyway and you save a considerable amount off the normal price making us both winners.

We often have trucks travelling empty on their return trips from country NSW areas. We list these trucks on the dates they are travelling with a rough time that they will be returning. If a truck is heading on a route that will suit you, contact us quickly so we can organise the load. Many times we have had trucks just return from an area only to have another customer ring with a load back from that same area, hence our backloading section. If it saves you some money and makes us a little more, we both win.

Yes, we will do empty 20′ containers, but we cannot do fully loaded containers or 40′ containers. 20′ containers with a little bit of gear in them is okay, but we look at the safety aspect of pulling a dead weight onto our trucks. If a cable was to snap our drivers could be injured so we will not do containers that we deem to be too heavy for a tilt tray to winch onto the truck in a safe manner.

No, we do not charge a surcharge fee. All we charge your card for is the fee quoted for your towing job.

We take Visa or Mastercard as well as cash, cheque or EFT payments at the time of booking the job, or at pickup or delivery.

Yes, we have a couple of company owned trucks, but the majority of our drivers are owner operators and drive their own trucks.

Sometimes we do, obviously we cannot take on everybody, keep an eye on our website for positions vacant or trucks for sale. Sometimes our subcontract drivers will need to leave our group for various reasons and they will sell their trucks with work so that the truck remains in the group.

It depends how far you need to go, but prices generally start at $110 for quick local jobs during the working week. It is in most cases far cheaper and safer to use our services than to hire a car trailer. Most hire companies these days will ensure your towing vehicle is legal to tow a trailer loaded with a vehicle because too many accidents have occurred where the trailer loaded with a car is too heavy for the towing vehicle. Hire companies have a “duty of care” to ensure you are legal.

We do, but often we will recommend a car carrier company if your car is not needing urgent transport and it is driveable. Generally car carriers will not touch damaged or undriveable vehicles or cars that have goods, parts or personal belongings in them. We will go anywhere for our customers though, but be aware that tilt tray services are more expensive than car carriers because we look after your vehicle from pickup to drop off and usually your car is all we will be loaded with to offer you quick and reliable transport.

Yes, some of our trucks are equipped with electric brake controllers for boats and caravans, so it is not a problem to us.

Yes, we can take 2 passengers in the cabin of the truck.

Yes, we have full insurance cover for everything we transport.

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