Finding the right tow truck company for you

It can be quite overwhelming when you’re searching for the best tow truck company for your needs. More often than not, the first thing you’ll do is head to Google and search for “Sydney tow truck near me” and pick the first option… But how do you know if you’re picking the right tow truck company for you?

For over 27 years, our team here at Select Tilt Tray Group have been providing a wide range of towing services for customers Sydney-wide. The invaluable experience we have gained over time has helped to mould the company we are today, committing to our mission statement of providing reliable and affordable tilt tray services. So with that in mind, we’re going to explore how to select the right Sydney tow truck company for you.

A prime mover towing heavy machinery on a flat bed trailer

Helpful tips to use before hiring a Sydney tow truck service

As we are an experienced tow truck company, we have witnessed circumstances where people rush into making an ill-informed decision, which ends up backfiring and costing more money than originally expected. That is why we are going to give you some tips to ensure that you don’t overspend or cause more damage than there was initially.

Don’t tow without professional help

Yes, technically you can tow your car by yourself, but we don’t recommend doing so. Towing your own car can be quite risky, and if all precautions aren’t taken, you could cause even more damage to your car, hindering not only your safety, but also nearby drivers’ safety. Instead, leave it to the experts! For professional towing assistance, contact us.

Research and compare

To make an informed decision in selecting the right tow truck company, it’s so important to spend time researching different Sydney tow truck companies for things like the services they provide, the amount of experience they have and whether they’re insured and fully licensed to perform the service, just to name a few. Compare your findings from each company and then before making the decision best suited for your needs, there are multiple factors you need to weigh up.

Car towing Breakdown

Factors to consider

There are several factors to consider which includes the services the company provides, their communication skills as well as their level of customer service, and whether it’s an affordable, trustworthy company that’s local to you.

Is the tow truck company insured to provide the necessary services?

All tow truck companies should provide full insurance towing with “on hook” insurance and public liability insurance, complying with Tow Truck Authority requirements as we do here at STTG. Rest assured we have the correct insurance cover in place for your goods whilst in our custody and we understand this is important to those in need of any form of towing.

Additionally, we hold a marine insurance policy, which means your vehicle is fully insured whilst loading, transporting and unloading. Before you decide to proceed with the right tow truck company for you, ensure that they are insured to carry out their service and that you and your car are fully insured, not compromising yourself or your vehicle throughout the process.

Are safety protocols followed and does the company have the correct qualifications?

At STTG, all of our towing trucks are able to be operated by remote control, allowing the driver to keep a better eye on loading and unloading procedures. The drivers are all well trained in every aspect of towing and even including OH&S responsibilities, customer relations and road rules, we make sure to do it the right way!

Most of the drivers have MSIC cards for waterfront work, Yellow cards for transporting access equipment, forklift licences and “Bluecards” to show OH&S training. We pride ourselves in a clean and tidy fleet of trucks and our well trained professional drivers. So ensure that you have all the information at hand, that the company is safe and qualified to provide the necessary service, before getting your vehicle towed.

Does the company offer the service you require?

Tow truck companies often provide more services than just regular car towing, so if you find yourself in a situation where you need a different type of service, for example heavy machinery transport, review the company’s website to see if they offer the service you need and that they have the right equipment to safely perform the required service.

Does the tow truck company value good communication/customer service?

A company that values customer service and that has a direct line of communication are two factors that heavily influence the decision to move forward with that company or deter customers away entirely. Effectively communicating your situation and receiving timely, valuable responses to your questions will significantly contribute to meeting the customer’s needs which should always be a top priority for any company in any industry.

Is the price of the service affordable and fair?

Prices vary between each tow truck company, so it’s important to assess whether your needs will be met for the price you’re paying. We highly recommend not cutting costs by paying for the cheapest option available or towing the vehicle yourself, as you run the risk of spending more money overall. Instead, to find an affordable and reliable tow truck company, we suggest that you ask for quotes from multiple companies and compare prices.

Is the tow truck company reliable and trustworthy?

Determining the reliability and trustworthiness of a Sydney tow truck service can come in different forms. The best ways to test a tow truck company’s reliability includes getting referrals from family and friends that have used the company previously, the amount of experience the company has in the field and Google reviews from previous customers.

Are they local and available to provide the required service?

The distance a tow truck in Sydney will have to travel more often than not will factor into the overall cost of the service being provided, so ensure that they are local to match your needs. It’s also important to ask the following questions to make sure that this is the right tow truck company for you. “Are they available to provide the service you need? What’s the response time and will the tow truck company respond in an allotted time after making initial contact?”

These factors play an important role in selecting the right tow truck company, so take the time, think about the factors and use the tips provided in conjunction with one another to make an informed decision.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you need the services of a reliable and affordable tow truck Sydney-wide company that values good communication and customer service, our team is here to help! Simply contact us on 02 9545 3464 or email us at to get a quote today.