Bobcat & Heavy Vehicle Transportation

Bobcats are heavy utility vehicles containing intricate parts, which inevitably pose challenges when it comes to transporting them to and from residential and commercial sites.

The last thing a site project manager wants to encounter is costly delays due to damaged machinery and equipment, as a result of poor handling whilst in transit.

Fortunately, this is a fear that never needs to be realised, thanks to the seasoned professionals at Select Tilt Tray Group (STTG).

We have been towing heavy vehicles and transporting heavy machinery for over 20 years.

Our dedicated crew are readily available to help you transport your Bobcat vehicles anywhere in Sydney, hassle-free. You are also able to access short and long-distance towing services (including interstate towing) if required.

At STTG, our expert team will always ensure your Bobcat is delivered to its designated location promptly and securely.

An added benefit of our service is that we operate on a backloading system for trucks that are travelling empty on their return trips from country NSW areas, which can save you up to 50% off our normal towing and transportation costs.

The towing vehicles utilised by STTG to relocate your Bobcat reign supreme in their durability, safety and suitability for heavy-duty use.

Our fleet is vast and varied and includes new and powerful trucks capable of transporting a Bobcat (given their capacity to move machines up to 24 tonnes), as well as super tilt trailers and low loader trailers that are suited to bigger jobs. Tow trucks that have specially built low riders that are ideal for transporting extra high units, as well as heavier trailers for moving oversized units are also featured within our fleet.

All the vehicles in our fleet undergo strict maintenance regimes to ensure that they deliver optimal performance every time – for your peace of mind.

The STTG crew take their duty of care seriously and will always strictly adhere to legal and safety regulations when relocating your Bobcat.

Should anything go wrong, STTG are a fully insured towing and transportation company: this means that your machinery is fully covered in the event of an accident.

We pride ourselves on being leaders in the towing industry and strive to provide the best possible service and customer experience.

Our service costs are among the most reasonable you will find industry-wide. We accept payment via Visa, MasterCard, Cash or EFT (either at the time of your job booking, upon pick up or delivery to suit your convenience).

When it comes to your Bobcat towing and heavy vehicle transportation needs, you can rely on STTG to move everything to your chosen location within the shortest possible timeframe, at the most affordable price!

For a professional towing service that will arrive in the nick of time and save you a few bob, go ahead and give STTG a call today on 02 9545 3464.

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